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Information about the publisher Scientific Bulletin of GosNII GA

Founder, Publisher and Revision:

The State Scientific Research Institute of Civil Aviation



Registration data publication "Scientific Bulletin of GosNII GA":

Registered The Federal service for supervision of communications, information technology and mass communications (Roskomnadzor). Testimony on registration of mass-media-PI No. FS77-45587 dated 29.06.2011. In the certificate amended on April 24, 2015 -- PI № FS77-61476.

international standard serial number издания ISSN: 2309-2998.

Subscription index of the journal in OJSC Agency "Rospechat" -70663.

Full text version issues of the magazine, the website of the Scientific razmeschayutsya electronic library eLIBRARY.ru.

Edition included in the Russian index of scientific citing (RISC).


the Topic of the publication "Scientific Bulletin of GosNII GA,"

"Scientific Bulletin of GosNII GA" is a scientific publication published scientific articles on issues operation and safety air transport, the development prospects of air transport, certification, flight and maintenance operation and maintenance of airworthiness of the aircraft, the environment, development of transport infrastructure, information systems, economy and standardization of air transport.

Scientific Bulletin of GosNII GA, is published in the form of collection is newsletter. Since 1953 in different years the collection was published under different names: Proceedings of Institute of civil air fleet of the USSR, proceedings of the research Institute HA, proceedings of GosNII GA. With in 2011 he was named Scientific Bulletin of GosNII GA.


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